Bob has many ideas, but wants to hear yours.

Please feel free to follow the links and contact him with your ideas, comments, questions and/or concerns. He may not always have an immediate answer, but will find a straight, and considered one as soon as practical.

An informal Biography

Robert A. Davis, known as Bob to most, is an active, approachable, community-minded individual. He has been a resident of Orem for more than 23 years.

Bob believes in service to others. He has served on and chaired city advisory councils such as the CDBG Block Grant committee and Chaired other committees such as the Summerfest committee. Along with his participation and service to his church, he also donates his time and money to projects and other organizations dear to his heart.

During his college years he studied communications and computers. His Technical experience has led to a career with computers and his logical mind helps him think things through to their desired, as well as their possible undesired and unintentional outcomes.

Bob is passionate. He doesn’t seek confrontation; by nature he tries to avoid it. However he has never been afraid to speak his mind. He solicits the open sharing of ideas while showing respect for others that may not share his opinions.

His current hobbies include photography, programming for home automation and most recently he earned his HAM radio license (N2DVS) so that he might assist in times of crisis.

No biography of Bob would be complete without mention of his wife, Cherie, to whom he has been married some 28 years and their two sons Allen and Ryan. Throughout their lifetime and between the two of them, they have lived in Idaho, Colorado, California, Michigan, Delaware and Virginia along with homes in Provo and Orem.