Center For Story


As I mentioned in my Political Philosophy message, there are times when it is appropriate for government to partner with the private sector to accomplish something for the common good. The Center for Story is such a case.

There has been a lot of misinformation concerning this facility. The Library is a well utilized and provides significant services to the community. Other cities recognize our excellent system and the services it provides. Companies generally look at the community they consider investing in. They want a literate and knowledgeable community and our library is part of that. Although it is a great facility, it is currently experiencing some growing pains as it tries to service the different programs it provides.

The Center For Story uses various funding sources, including private funds for construction and its construction does not impact the city budget directly. What could be better, private funds for a public building?

There are obvious concern about the location, staffing and hard costs such as heating/cooling that the city would bear. Most importantly there is the question of access. This facility should be, and will be, available for all to use.

I am personally excited to see this facility come to fruition. I have had some connection with this since its conception and planning. I fully support it. I have donated to it personally and I am a sponsor of the institute most associate with it.