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Our Future


For just for a moment, please set the cares of today aside and try to visualize a city you would like to live in. A city where your family would like to live in.

What do you see? I see a lively yet "homey", clean, safe and economically vibrant city. I see sports, entertainment and cultural events for all to enjoy. I see green space where our families can enjoy relaxing and spending time together. I see a place where people WANT to live and a place where people WANT to do business.

I see a City Council trying to be economically conservative, keeping taxes as low as possible. I see a City Council using foresight, rather than hindsight to guide the city into that future. I see a City Council that is innovative in its thinking. I see a City Council that doesn't play politics, but rather seeks input, then chooses the best options after careful and deliberate consideration and thought. I see a City Council that implements smart policies rather than backward, downward spiraling policies.

I see a Mayor and City Council that are transparent in their dealings. I see a city government that is not afraid to broadcast city meeting, such as city council meetings, so that those interested can participate remotely. I see a city government that serves the citizenry rather than their own self interests or the interest of special interest groups. I see...

Does that sound like an impossible dream? Maybe it is for now, but dreams CAN come true. But like anything worthwhile, dreams take work to make them reality. I need your help. Can i count on it? I humbly ask for your support and vote so that I, with the help of others, can make this dream a reality.