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Bob's Philosophy (abridged)

A moderate in extreme times.

We hear it every day. Either the left is touting how extreme the right is, or the right is condemning the left for their liberal stands. Here in Orem it sometime seems that people are trying to outdo each other as they claim how conservative they are. But what does it really mean to be conservative or liberal?


I believe there are many aspects to the words, among them are fiscal, social and even moral implications. Interestingly, one may note that candidates often self-label themselves the way they want to be perceived. Is this to get more votes? But what do they really believe?

In some ways I am no different. I would label myself a conservative in fiscal and moral issues, but I also choose to call myself an independent thinker. I hope to explain why. When you study my philosophy, hopefully you will call it reasonable. I leave it to you to decide the label.

I say independent because by using such basic guiding principles as living within our means, respecting all as equals and investing as appropriate, I try not to be bound by any one political dogma. Rather I try to be open minded and evaluate things on their merits. These include using my moral and ethical standards as well as financial criteria which all tend toward the conservative side. For instance, how fiscally responsible is something? The public purse should be sacrosanct and not to be trifled with. However it is gathered for a purpose and as a community we have agreed to provide certain services. What services should those be? That is where good judgment comes into play.

Some might say only basic services such as police and fire are appropriate and little else. I disagree. We should support sports and recreation, the arts in its various forms. We should (and do) work with our schools to provide green space. We must plan for future expansion. We have public works, parks and a great library and other programs/activities to help with the beautification of our city. These all take money. Do we just cut them out or do we manage them responsibly? "Responsibly" is the key word here.


As an “Independent Thinker”, the following are some of the criteria I would use in deciding if the city should support something

First, is it something that is best handled by the public or private sector? Each has a scope for which it is best suited. Sometime partnerships between the two best address situations.

Is it an investment of some kind? How do we evaluate our return on that investment? What safeguards are in place? How does it affect our city now and how might it affect us in the future. Does it put an undue risk or burden on the community? If so, it probably is not a good idea or it needs to be publicly voted to come to a consensus if we want to take that risk or burden upon ourselves.

Does it promote our community or helps develop jobs? Do we have criteria to evaluate the potential success?

Does it meet some common goal that we have agreed upon? Again, what safeguards and evaluation tools are in place.


I believe in people. I believe in doing good things. I believe on concentrating on the positive. To me Orem is about “Quality of Life” and I believe we have a pretty good quality of life here. I believe that as we strive for the best in ourselves, we all grow and become better, both as a city and a neighborhood. I want our city to do good things. I want it to thrive. I want all of us to be proud of our city.

Sure there are those who want to tear us down. There are even those who want to use public funds and the public trust for their own purposes. We need to be vigilant as we guard against these dangers… but mostly, I believe in people.

If you find this philosophy reasonable, I ask for your vote and support.