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The 3 Minute Speech Never Given


Last night, there was the "Meet the Candidates" meeting held at our Orem Freindship Center. Regretfully i never delivered the message I intended. Until a proper link is made, that message is written below, straight from my notes, and without formating.

Hello, My name is Bob Davis and I am running for Orem City Council.

I believe this election is all about leadership and foresight. I believe it is about hope vs. the glum and doom that the challenges we face could bring our city. I believe it is about ideas that resolve challenges, rather than just pointing out that we have them and then saying they shouldn’t have happened.

We do face challenges, as we have heard about tonight. It is easy to find fault with the past but a much more difficult task to find the answers to those challenges. We need innovative ideas. We need people who believe that tomorrow will be better than today if we just apply our skills to the problems at hand.

I believe some of our challenges came from not enough checks and balances, oversight and not enough understanding. I am sure it was done with good intentions. But …

So how do we move forward?

We need to expand our economic base, not tax our way out. We need to recapture some of the momentum taken by Provo by making Orem an even better place to do business. But we need to do that in a responsible way.

We need to be willing to invest appropriately in things that help us achieve that goal, not put such a stranglehold on the city that it enters a tailspin. We need to understand the right roles of the private sector and the public … and understand that partnerships between the two, when done correctly, CAN benefit all.

While others argue about what services to cut or how to live within our means (which I agree we need to do by the way) I want to find ways to grow our economy.
While others are arguing who is the most conservative and how things were not done properly in the past, I am trying to find real, workable solutions that will help us meet our present challenges.

While others play politics and posture themselves over hot button issues that in part they themselves created, I look to a bright future and how we can improve on the great quality of life we have worked so hard to make, and I look for ways to make sure these efforts are done in such a way as to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

I believe in People. I believe in transparency, I believe in openness. I believe in being fiscally conservative without chocking off our lifeblood. I believe in being open to new ideas and input from others. I believe in working together, for I know that as we do, we achieve better results.

Frankly I hate politics, but I love finding good, working solutions to challenges.
Most of all, I love living in Orem as I hope you do.

My name is Bob Davis and I most humbly ask for your support and vote in the upcoming primary and general election
Thank you