Bob has many ideas, but wants to hear yours.

Please feel free to follow the links and contact him with your ideas, comments, questions and/or concerns. He may not always have an immediate answer, but will find a straight, and considered one as soon as practical.

About Bob


In a “belt tightening’ step, the city has discussed the elimination of candidate information from the voter phamplet that it usually sends out. In such event as it decides not to include the information as planned, i have posted that information below:

Robert (Bob) Davis is a friendly, approachable, community minded person previously chairing such city committees as Summerfest and CDBG. He currently serves as an Orem Neighborhood chair and is actively involved in church and other organizations. Fiscally conservative with others’ money, Bob believes Orem needs to live within its means. Having sat on various small corporate boards, he is known for cutting through rhetoric, questioning expenses and eliminating waste, while getting the job done right.

Bob believes Orem is about quality of life. While others concentrate on the negative, Bob believes in people. He applauds all the advances made so far by Orem. He wants to maintain the great and improve our unique way of life. That isn't easy in today’s budgetary climate. One reason we need Bob.

Not locked into a single way of thinking, He seeks input to tackle our biggest challenges and reconsiders positions as additional information is available. Known for action rather than talk, Bob builds trust and consensus while bringing people together to accomplish great things. He believes in People and asks for your vote.