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Zoning, Planning and Green Space


To my way of thinking Zoning, Green space and land usage in general all affect our “Quality of Life”. I choose to live where I do based a large part on these “Quality of life” issues. I have great neighbors and hopefully appreciate them for who they are.

I have lived in the concrete jungles of foreign cities. I have seen it closer to home in the cities of California, Michigan and other parts of the country. Although city life can be invigorating, even there people look for the sanctuary of green space. Maybe a park, maybe a potted plant. There is something healing and relaxing about the tranquility of green and open spaces. I doubt there are many that would argue this point.

But there is also practical side. Orem is only so big. We are surrounded by Provo on the south and Lindon on the north. Empty land is dwindling fast. How should it be best used? Do we want open spaces for ourselves or perhaps we’d rather have homes for our children? Do we need businesses to offer jobs to our citizens? Do we want 1 acre homes? do we want .5 acre homes? .25? .1? How about condos, detached single family homes or perhaps high rise apartments?

What do we want? Perhaps all of the above. In some ways these choices have already been made. The city has a master plan on how the land should be used. It was approved and it is in place. But what is the use of having a plan if we change it every time someone wants something different? I recognize things change over time. I understand the need to revisit the plan to accommodate new situations that arise.

I am for green space. I am also for sticking with a plan unless there is a compelling reason to modify it. I am for not changing the rules at every whim so that our citizenry can make appropriate plans.

Does that fly in the face of freedom? I don’t think so. In my mind it is like someone buying property next to an airport then complaining about the air traffic, even when it decreases. The challenges where know, the decisions were made. How can one legitimately then complain about the challenges?

The same goes for zoning and planning. I am for planning and logical growth, I am for green space. I am for freedom, but I am also for responsibility. Let’s use our plan until some overwhelming reason causes us to reexamine it.